History of the hotel

History of the hotel: Photo

Hotel - 342 building, built in Mariánské Lázně (Waldbrunnstrasse), called Westend. The construction of this house was started at the end of the 19th century. During this period up to the beginning of the First World War Mariánské Lázně lived through a period of really great development. This is when most of the historical buildings, spa houses, colonnades and churches, which now make up the town's unique appearance, were built. Most of them were built by famous Austrian architects of the time in the style of classicism and neo-Renaissance. It is to the latter that the architectural style of the Hotel Westend belongs.

In 1895, the building was completed and began its history as a prestigious spa hotel. The owner of the hotel was Dr. Franz Nadler, an eminent person who contributed a lot to the history of Mariánské Lázně. He was the mayor of the town at the turn of the century and thanks to his efforts a visit to the spa town became a matter of prestige in the highest circles of European society. Many famous people of that time came to stay in Mariánské Lázně: Mark Twain, Nietzsche, Kafka, Freud and Edison - to name but a few. Among the list of famous writers who sought inspiration in the unique tranquil atmosphere of the spa is also Václav Beneš Třebízský, a priest and a Czech folk writer. Until the end of his days he lived in the house behind the National Theatre, which is almost opposite the Westend building. It is in his honor that the street on which the hotel stands is named, and a monument to the writer can be seen today a few hundred meters away, near the forest spring.

Besides the cultural and scientific elite, the spa is also visited by royalty. Thanks to the organizational skills of Franz Nadler the town was chosen as a place of a significant political event - a meeting of two European monarchs. Here, on August 16th 1904, the Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph I. visited the English king Edward VII. The work of the magistrate under Dr. Franz Nadler received great acclaim from the royal and imperial court, and his name was forever inscribed in the history of the "Golden Age" of Marienbad, and in the history of the Westend Hotel.

During World War I, most of the town's buildings, including the Westend building, functioned for a time as military hospitals. After the war, however, they quickly returned to their original purpose and by the 1920's the hotel building was again used to accommodate spa guests and the therapeutic procedures were resumed. Until the end of the century, the Westend building functions as a high-class hotel.

In 1996 the hotel underwent a complete reconstruction and not only gave a modern look to the whole facility, but also a modern interior design, making it a spa house with a comprehensive accommodation offer and a wide range of therapeutic procedures.