Complex cure

Complex cure: Photo

The spa treatment program is drawn up in consultation with a doctor and is based on the guest's current state of health and needs. Each of the treatment methods has a different effect on the human organism. The drinking cure is an integral and basic part of the treatment. Our doctor will draw up a completely personalized drinking regime for you.

The comprehensive rehabilitation program includes:

  • accommodation in a room of your choice
  • half board or full board
  • initial medical examination
  • 15 prescribed treatments per week
  • drinking cure by doctor's prescription

Minimum length of stay: 6 nights. For a successful treatment we recommend a stay of 14-20 nights

Traditional spa treatment in Mariánské Lázně focuses on kidney and urinary bladder diseases, locomotive system diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, metabolic diseases and everyday diseases - stress and nervous disorders. Remember that treatments cannot be combined arbitrarily, there are certain regularities in their interaction.