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Drinking cure

Mineral springs rising in Marianske Lazne are famous for their beneficial influence on treating urinary tract and kidney diseases. The drinking therapy affects the body based on the mineral water temperature, chemical composition and its amount. The effects of therapy naturally depend on the chosen mineral water since the chemical composition of these sources is very diverse. The therapy stimulates the kidneys and has beneficial effects on peristalsis. Another beneficial effect of the drinking therapy is the induction of the right fluid intake. The concreate drinking cure should be prescribed by the balneology doctor. The therapy is based on drinking mineral water 1-3 times a day in the amounts recommended by a physician. The overview of in individual healing springs of Mariánské Lázně and its effects is given below.

Peat packs

The natural peat is very popular as treatment and effective, alleviating chronic joint and spine pain. Peat pack spread onto affected parts of the body and covers with warm envelope up to 44-46oC. Hot peat improves mobility, reduces aches and helps to alleviate pain in the locomotive system (muscles, joints, ligaments and the spine). The minerals are additional absorbed by the skin and support the final curative effect. A peat pack is recommended to remove degenerative chronic disorders oj jonts and spine, to alleviate muscle tension, relaxation overall. Peat Pack is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and pregnant women.

Natural Carbon Dioxide Gas

It’s a powerful healing resource for physical pain when injected directly into muscles and joints. When it penetrates the skin, carbon dioxide is also excellent for lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. Due to the concentration of small blood vessels in the groin area, plus its stimulation of testosterone and estradiol hormones, CO2 has real positive effect on sexual function and menopausal symptoms. Carbon deoxide gas is recommended: to clients with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. To clients suffering from diabetes, blood circulation disorders, vain insufficiency.

In hotel Westend are offered next kinds of treatments with using carbon deoxide: carbon deoxide bath, dry carbon deoxide pack, gas injection.






Electrotherapy treatment uses different frequencies, levels of intensity and polarity for a general analgesic effect, myo-relaxation (dissipation of muscle tension), swelling reduction, improvement in blood circulation and tissue nutrition. Electrotherapy is reccommended: to remove painful symptoms in joints; to release muscle tension; to improve nerve-muscular sensitivity; to improve blood circulation of tissues; to leach metabolism products, especially milk acid; to accelerate lymph outflow followed by swelling diminution.In hotel Westend are offered next kinds of electrotherapy: magnethotherapy, ultrasaund, endo-vaco, diadynamic.



The hydrotherapy is a traditional treatment. Baths are frequently applied to ease muscle tension and stress, reduce joint and spine pain, to expedite the healing process associated with some skin conditions, and to improve the regulation of blood pressure and blood supply to the tissues. We also offer differente massage bathes, Massage of the skin by means of swirling of water increases skin perfusion and warming of tissues. This supports the increased elimination of waste products from the body. Regular baths lead to a release of muscular tension. The procedure has an analgesic effect. In our offers are included: pearlbath, carbone deoxide bath, whirpool-bath, bath with natural additives containing a highly concentrated extract, hydroxer-relax bath


Massage has remained popular since ancient times to this day. It releases muscle tension and promotes mental relaxation.  A massage is a frequent method of achieving physical and mental release. A massage aims to detoxify, improve skin blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and reach other parts of the body via reflexive points. As well as bringing about release, a massage can help to prevent or reduce specific conditions. We offer classical partly and full massage, water massagebed, reflexive foot massage.