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Types of procedures

Treatment in Hotel Westend is oriented on prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases, respiratory tract diseases, locomotory tract disorders, metabolism diseases. 

In Hotel Westend are used classical natural resources in combination with traditional methods (electrotherapy, watertherapy ,a.o.). 



Watertherapy brings relaxation, waterprocedures help to encrease the concentration, to remove the muscle tension. Heart activity is stimmulated, skin condition is improved, it´s freshness and elasticity is restored. Indicated by life style deseases of lack of exercise. 





                                                                  TREATMENT BASED ON NATURAL RESOURCES 

Treatment using natural resources as natural gas, peat, paraffin and mineral springs is an integral part of treatment program. Natural gas is used in injections to remove the pains, to improve the blood circulations or in baths. Paraffin improves motor function and blood circulation.




Мassages belong to the main elements of treatment program. There are offered classical (full body- or partial) massages and foot reflex massages. Main effects of massages: better blood circulation, reduce swelling, reduce pains, muscle tension is removed, flush out of toxins, nervous system is calmed. 





Electroprocedures  - currents, light therapy, magnetic, mechanical lymphatic drainage - show a large effect on the blood vessels and nerve endings, the centers of chronic inflammation, swelling. Blood circulation is improved, immunity is increased, the processes of regeneration trengthensAlmost no contraindications -with highefficiency. 



                                                        RELAXATION AND WELLNESS

An important suplementary therapy are wellness treatments. Spa whirlpool with water streeam massage, sauna, solarium are the right treatments for good mood, to encrease your energy. Wellness treatments  to strenghten the immune system and restauration of work capacity. 


                                                                  COSMETIC CARE AND TREATMENTS 
Beauty parlour in Hotel Westend offers traditional classical progammes - care for body and face for woman and men, eyebrows corrections, wax depilation, special treatments with acai and grapevine, lymphatic massages, anticellulitis treatment, seeweed treatment, chocolate-treatment and others.