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Accomodation with treatments

Treatment program is compiled individually after consultation with our physician and always depends on guest’s health condition. The traditional Marianske Lazne treatment is based on the curative power of the local natural sources. The most important and fundamental part is the drinking cure for which will be prescribe your drinking regime after initial medical examination and also prescribes the most suitable procedures.


The treatment program includes:

  • Accommodation

  • Half or full board

  • Initial medical examination

  • Drinking cure pursuant to physician’s recommendation

  • 15 treatments per a week pursuant to physician’s recommendation


Minimum stay: 6 nights
Recommended length of stay: 2-3 weeks



  • Metabolic disorders – lipid disorders, diabetes, gout, obesity.

  • Musculoskeletal disease – a degenerative disease of the spine, large joints, gouty arthritis.

  • Respiratory diseases

  • Diseases resulting from metabolic and endocrine disorders

  • Urinary tract diseases